Sunday, March 15, 2015

The End!

This is surely not the end of my blogging, but it is the end of this blog. 

I have ideas for my next site, but I'm going to spend the next few weeks teaching, getting ready for NCTM and hanging out with the baby [see above] and no longer pretending that I have time for anything else.

A quick word on endings. On the internet things are never supposed to end. We're supposed to tweet and blog until we croak, just as we talk and eat until the very last day. Blogging is supposed to be more like (say) checking in with a friend than it is like (say) reading a book. There's always a next conversation, but at some point you finish a book.

To end a blog is to reject this ethos. It's to recognize that these things we do on the internet do have endings. And having an end is a wonderful thing to have, because to have an ending is to have a beginning and middle too. 

This blog began in my first year teaching and it's ending in my fifth. In five years I've gotten married, changed jobs and made a baby. I've changed my mind about every aspect of my teaching at least twice. 

It's time to end. It's time to begin!