Monday, March 24, 2014

A Brief Note On Internet Collaboration (Or: It's not about collaboration, it's about collaborators)

When people think of collaboration on the internet, they tend to think of something like the hive. The hive is Wikipedia. The hive is massive. The hive is all about lots of people coming together to break barriers and increase access and share information and beat the experts and everybody's wrong but together? everybody can be right.

The hive is posting an editable doc on twitter and asking for contributions. The hive is making a lesson-sharing site and asking users to upvote their favorites to the top of the stack. It's about asking hundreds of followers all around the world for feedback or suggestions.

This has worked excellently for me when seeking a dentist, an mp3 player. Professional collaboration? Not so much.

What is amazing about the internet for me is becoming friends with people and asking them if they want to work on something together. (Or reverse that order, if you please.)

The hive doesn't work for making a great lesson or doing some math or discovering something new. For that you need lots of hard work and a great partner in crime, two if you're lucky.

My advice for fellow #MTBoSers: figure out what you're interested in, figure out what other people are interested in, and email them to see if they'd like to think together. That is just the most fun thing to do.

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