Saturday, February 1, 2014

What I Spend My Time Worrying About

The author of my favorite comic, Joe Hill, has been trying to radically reduce the time he spends online:
A couple weeks ago, I tried out an experiment in self-control. I decided to set some new parameters for my internet usage.
My rules for myself were modest: I would not visit any of the social parts of the internet until I finished my daily writing (about 2,500 words), my daily reading (a minimum of 40 pages), and my daily exercise (10,000 steps tracked by my UPband). No exceptions: I would not even send tweets from within apps.
Furthermore, I decided the rest of the internet was off-limits, unless I was looking at it while I was on the treadmill. At least until I get those first 10,000 steps, everything from Wikipedia to Huffington Post would only be available if I was moving. I allowed myself the indulgence of Words with Friends, but again, only on the treadmill.
So how’d that all turn out? Um - really well. I never would’ve guessed how well.
I'm not exactly sure what my "2,500 words" is, but I'd like to try this.

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