Sunday, January 5, 2014

My Education-Irrelevant Internet

I'll be a man about this and just admit that I'm sort of imagining that you'll read this post and share your favorite internet things too.


  1. Ta-Nehisi Coates, writing for the Atlantic. Recently he's been writing about postwar Europe, but most often he writes about blackness and race, and this is one of the most amazing things I've read in a while. Most important? He's got the best comments on the internet, no contest.
  2. So you don't like comic books? You probably won't be able to keep up with comic writer Brian Michael Bendis, then, since half of what he posts are images from comics. That other half, though, is essentially him talking with fans about his tastes and writing process. Today he answered a question about humor that really knocked me out.  
  3. Joe Hill's twitter feed hits so many of my interests. First, he's a really awesome horror writer, and I always like hearing about his process. Like any good writer, he reads voraciously, and he's kind enough to share it all. He's often thinking about how to limit his tech use. I remember another great thing he wrote -- sorry, no link, it was way back when -- where he said that in his house he and his sons have a "no tech room," where no devices are ever allowed. Not so useful for those of us slumming it up in our first apartments, but still...
  4. When it comes to politics, I don't know much, and I try not to form opinions without earning the right to them. Anyway, I regularly find The American Conservative's blog interesting. Last week there was a post about how a Moroccan private college is using internships to send relatively well-off students into lower class social contexts. (Was that the right place to link to the article? I never know...) The blog's kinda highfalutin, but interesting.
  5. I'm actually not a huge sports fan these days. That doesn't get in the way of enjoying Joe Posnanski's long examinations of the Baseball Hall of Fame, or his frequent use of statistics to find stories worth telling. (BTW, he's one of the good guys.) He writes in a couple of places, but go check him out here.
This is going to be fun. The blog may be dead, but who cares? Drop your favorites in the comments, or (better yet) blog about it on your own place.


  1. I love beagles (clearly) and has my heart.
    For silly/interesting articles, I love to use and for a great time-suck.
    One of the best non-education blogs I follow is As a vegan, it's a must read.

  2. A huge second on your mention of Posnanski. He's just fantastic.
    Another great site for sports and other pop culture ephemera is

    1. I've seen grantland, but it's not on my regular internet rotation. I like sports, but Pos basically provides all of the sports reading I want.

  3. Fred Clark. Freddie de Boer. Dave Weigel. John Gruber. Daniel Larison. (Amcon!) Vulture. Matt Taibbi. Amy Hoy.

    1. I thought your boy de Boer stopped blogging. Turns out he just jumped the blogspot ship. Huzzah!

      Also, Fred Clark seems interesting. Thanks for this.