Wednesday, January 1, 2014

My 2013 Was Better Than Your's

It's the New Year, which means that I have the time but no motivation to write a substantive blog post. This calls for some reflection!

This past year was an amazing year for my blog. I saw a huge growth in visits to this site:

Blogger is telling me that I had about 11 billion viewers last month. If you stacked all of those people atop one another, they would be 11 billion people tall, which I think is pretty astounding.

One of my goals for next year is to double my readership. I intend to do this by continuing to focus on some of the most important (and controversial!) topics in education today. These include such important issues as
  • Exponents
  • Some cool math mistakes that I've found
  • Lists of things that I found interesting as I was walking to the subway
  • Disagreements on twitter
...and more!

Finally, I want you to know that I am a humbled by all of the support I've gotten in the past year. Really. Like, you wouldn't believe the support that I've gotten. It's freaking enormous. And I'm humbled by it all.

Wishing you and me (but mostly me!) a great 2014!

Update: On a reread, this comes off as more sarcastic and less fun than intended. All I was aiming for a playful poke.


  1. Wow, how depressing. I didn't realize retrospective posts like mine were taken that way. I just like doing them because they mark the growth of the blog. More for me than a way of being shitty to others. I'm sure others who do it feel the same way.

    You have a good blog. I enjoy reading it.

    1. Oh, don't take this too seriously! I was just farting around on a quiet day before getting to work.

      I wrote this because I had just gone through like five different blogs that had posted those wordpress reports, and I felt like poking at 'em a bit.

  2. I didn't post the wordpress reports. I also do "retrospectives" about 4 times a year, whenever I hit milestones. But I always feel very indulgent when I do it, so this probably stabbed my own guilt complex.