Sunday, October 27, 2013

One Farting Unicorn

"One farting unicorn can make 7 people pass out. If 86 people pass out, how many unicorns were there?"

OK Michael, don't screw this up. You've got an awesome picture here, now you just need to write a post around it. No biggie.

How often do kids get chances to be creative in math class? To really express their...

Oh my god, stop it. That's awful.

This is what makes teaching such a great profession. Even as we lament the direction of policy stuff that I don't actually understand plus I teach at a private school please stop writing this, it's all awful please just don't do this Michael.


No. You've already ruined this post, which shouldn't be a post and is barely a tweet. You liked something that a kid made in class, you took a picture of it, you press publish. That's it.

Just hit publish, dummy.

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