Tuesday, September 4, 2012

First First Day

I have two first days. First the freshmen come, then the big boys. It's nice for me, because I get to adjust some of my shtick for the second round.

Assigning seats is one of these little things that caused me a ton of stress last year, because I always left it for the last minute and I always screwed things up like forgetting to give a kid a seat or giving a kid four seats. Anyway, here's how I fixed it this year:

Plus, the coordinate plane is in the curriculum.

As long as I'm posting, here's some other assorted stuff from today:

The above is the white board in the computer lab before I applied an hour and a bottle of rubbing alcohol to it. The board hadn't been cleaned in (get this) 5+ years, and it was tough work to get that ink out.

Here's my math classroom. Because of various weirdnesses about our school there are lots of times when students are in the classroom without an adult, and we've gotten ourselves a reputation for not being able to have nice things because the kids can rip them apart. 

This year I want to try out the opposite approach. I'm going to try to keep filling the room with nice (but inexpensive...) stuff, like plants, storage boxes where I can keep materials, posters and calendars. Basically, I want to mark my territory.

We solved these problems today, all of which were happily stolen from Park Math:
Handout p2d1

Which already yielded this happy misunderstanding:

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  1. Room looks great! And I love the coordinate system seating arrangement. Wishing you some great first days!