Monday, April 2, 2012

Sharing and organizing stuff

One of my ongoing obsessions is thinking about better ways of organizing the output of teachers on the internet. I've found efforts such as Sam Shah's Virtual Filing Cabinet  incredibly helpful, and efforts such as BetterLesson lacking.

What I've come around to is the idea that individual visions are far more helpful to teachers than crowd-sourced material.

Crowd-sourced material is:

  • anarchic
  • hard to adapt to new contexts 
  • difficult to organize
Individual visions, on the other hand, are:
  • focused
  • more easily understood and adapted
  • easy to organize in a coherent way
One of my long-term goals is to put together a Virtual Filing Cabinet 2.0, that is more complete and filled out for every unit that I teach. I've started pulling that stuff together this year, and whenever I have time (which is never) I put together a new post. I'll be posting there a lot more over the next week or so, though.

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