Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Reality Checks

I just posted this on Math Mistakes. It comes from a piece of work that I collected at the end of class today.

Collecting that first batch of student work was my favorite part of the day. It turned an impossible job into a difficult one. How can I help them learn if I don't know how they think? What it cost me was 3 minutes at the end of class and 10 minutes of analysis after class. And now I know who I'm (likely) going to need to target, who needs me to call home over the next few days, who seems to have their act together.

Consider this an official call for submissions. Collect work from your kids often, and take a picture of some of the interesting stuff and email it to mathmistakes-at-gmail-dot-com.

One last time: collect information at the end of as many classes at possible over the first two weeks. Try to hold in the laughter when your colleagues start complaining about the surprises on those first batch of end-of-chapter tests.

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